• No name

    Crystal Ocean

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    Listen to the whisper of oceans, their sound is crystal blue
  • Desert Fire

    Desert Fire

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    Charms and spells spring forth through desert fire
  • Empress

    Empress’ Dream

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    I dream in royal blue and pixy dust
  • No name

    Eternal Embrace

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    To what is beauty, hold it in memory, keep it for eternity
  • Forever


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    With bonds we have built
  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita

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    They laughed with all their souls
  • La Gioconda

    La Gioconda

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    For the times forgotten
  • Love Me

    Love Me

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    Aime-moi... 私を愛して... Kochaj mnie... 愛我... Lieb mich... تحبني...
  • Queen Of Hearts

    Madame Chrysanthème

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    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
  • Othello


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    For her beauty was blinding
  • Perfect Summer

    Perfect Summer

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    For those that fall within your reach, to live within your soul
  • Santa Apolonia

    Santa Apolonia

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    To turn the soul's liquids into worlds of glory
  • Santa Rosalia

    Santa Rosalia

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    A rose is a rose by any other name
  • Chinese Whispers

    The Spirit of Vesuvius

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    Now love's allure has come his way, he will strike the flame
  • No name


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    Dignified. Exuberant. Serene.
  • Blue Symphony, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Blue Symphony Ring

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    Invisible magic shimmers through in blue notes
  • Dionysus' Garden, Epoko Collection

    Dionysus’ Garden

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    Cups runneth over and over, from joy to abundance
  • Sea Change, Reef Reverie Collection

    Sea Meets The River

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    The artist stands on the pier to paint
  • Newton's Attraction Ring, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Newton’s Attraction Ring

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    All objects attract. Some attract more than others.
  • Alice In The Wonderland, Epoko Collection

    Alice In The Wonderland

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    Just like hopes springing high, still I will rise
  • Deep Love, Reef Reverie Collection

    Deep Love Ring

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    Temptation was inviting, but no words needed to be said
  • Black Queen, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Black Queen

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    She is the essence of grace that holds the Earth deep in her soul
  • The Sun and The Moon, Epoko Collection

    The Sun And The Moon

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    There are fairies at the bottom of our garden when the moon is new
  • One Kiss Ring, Epoko Collection

    One Kiss Ring

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    You can't blame gravity for falling in love.
  • The Waves of Destiny

    The Waves of Destiny Ring

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    She swept me over like a fresh delight
  • Reef Flows, Reef Reverie Collection

    Reef Flows

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    I see you so clearly, down to each blossoming tide
  • Reef Cocoon, Reef Reverie Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Reef Cocoon Ring

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    We only lift and cradle and cocoon, such is the order of love
  • Dulcinea of the Deep, Reef Reverie Collection

    Dulcinea of the Deep Ring

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    Rising by the moon of passion swayed
  • La Belle Epoque, Epoko Collection

    La Belle Époque

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    In the dim glow of the frosted, fluted lamp, a lover's dance, a flawless emotion
  • Nocturnal Reverie, Epoko Collection

    Nocturnal Reverie

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    The stars once more have lost their race