Bespoke Opal Jewellery

Dreamt by You, Created by Us

Tell your story with a one-of-a-kind Australian Opal, brought to life in a memorable one-off creation

As dedicated opal artisans, it is our pleasure to partner with you on your bespoke opal journey. Whether you are looking to create an Australian opal ring, bespoke engagement ring, necklace, pendant or pair of earrings, we will masterfully bring your vision to fruition.

Our award-winning jewellery designer 

Our Creative Director Renata Bernard has been designing sensational creations for Opal Minded since she joined the fine jewellery Maison in 2008.

You can work with Renata on-site at our Sydney studio or remotely from anywhere in the world. She will guide you through the project from the consultation phase right through to the execution stage.

The most rewarding part of the job for Renata is creating opal jewellery that ignites passion and sparks joy for the wearer. Her designs are wearable art.

Bespoke Boulder Opal Ring 18K White Gold_Design Renata Bernard Opal Minded

Phase One – The course of creativity 

Reach out and tell us what you would love to create.

In your first consultation with Renata, you will chat about your favourite design elements and your ideal opal type. You’ll want to consider opal traits, such as colour, shape and origin.

If you are not quite sure of the direction you want your bespoke piece to take, we are happy to provide you with some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

For some, the design concept may be clear-set. For others, arriving at the winning idea might require some extra time and guidance. Either way, we are happy to oblige.
Take a look at our gallery to spark some design inspiration.

Renata Bernard Opal Minded Jewellery Designer

Selecting your opal

All of our opals are sourced from Australian opal fields and are ethically and sustainably mined. We will present you with a selection of precious opals that best align with your vision. You might start the selection process with what you’re most attracted to and then make a final decision based on your budget. We ensure to explain carefully the value associated with each type of opal.

Before you finalise your choice, you may wish to see how the opal looks and feels when worn. We can place the opal in a placeholder ring or necklace to make sure you are 100% happy and confident with your opal match.

Our state-of-the-art cutting workshop in Sydney operates seasonally, and our longest season is December through to March. During that time, you may just find the right lucky moment when we have a ‘faced’ opal rough to view. A ‘faced’ opal is when the colour play is visible, giving us the chance to match it to your preferences.

We also provide expert advice on the best type of precious metal to accompany your bespoke opal piece. Once you have selected your precious opal and have a strong sense of the design, we progress to the next phase of the bespoke process.

Australian Black Opal 11.97ct

Phase Two – Putting pen to paper

Renata will sketch two to three ideas by hand based on your opal selection and design concept. Often a client will select their design of choice from these initial sketches. Sometimes (although, rarely) there may be an additional refining process beyond the first few sketches if a client has changed their mind or the direction of the brief.

“We do not stop until the sketched idea is 100% where it should be.” – Renata Bernard

We may produce a wax model for any overly complicated designs to allow for better visualisation and confirm any complex design elements.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the design, all elements, including the price, are put in writing for you to sign off before the manufacturing process can begin.

Depending on the complexity, a bespoke creation can take as little as a few days, to a couple of months to actualise. We always ensure that the design and development is absolutely precise, while keeping you informed throughout the process.

Our goal is to create opal jewellery that the client is happy to wear forever and ever. – Renata Bernard

Phase Three – The moment of magic

All bespoke opal creations are expertly handcrafted in Sydney. We cut and reveal each rare and magnificent opal at our cutting workshop. The manufacturing of each bespoke piece is then executed by a small local network of independent specialists.

Each specialist is a master of their craft. Some have dedicated their professional life to working with opal jewellery.

The ultimate moment in the bespoke journey is presenting our client with the final creation. The unveiling is always a moment of total magic.

We offer a Lifetime Opal Care policy with every bespoke piece we complete.

Begin your bespoke journey with us.

Bespoke Opal Necklace Designed By Renata Bernard Opal Minded Bespoke Australian Opal Jewellery Opal Minded Bespoke Opal Ring Designed By Renata Bernard Opal Minded

Begin your bespoke journey with us.