Opal Lounge

Established in 1989, Opal Minded Boutique is situated on the main street of Sydney’s historic The Rocks precinct. Home of the famous Harbour Bridge, The Rocks is a short stroll from the Sydney Opera House and a must-visit destination.

Designed with our clientele in mind, the boutique is an intimate space to explore our range of Australian opal jewellery and unset opals. Filled with natural light, Opal Minded offers the perfect opportunity to appreciate our opals’ colour play in different light settings.

Opal Minded is in the business of creating happiness by the way of Australian opals. So if the “why” and “how” matters to you as much as the “what” of the opal world, Opal Minded is the best opal shop for you.

The Opal Minded Team

Our qualified team includes two gemmologists and opal specialists to help you select the perfect opal piece. While you’re with us, you can ask about their first-hand experience of our very own opal mines.

Opal Minded’s opals and jewellery are valued by our own National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) accredited valuers, who specialises in opal and opal jewellery valuation. This sought-after accreditation coupled with an opal specialisation is rare and provides an additional level of reassurance.

This coveted accreditation coupled with an opal specialisation is rare and provides an additional level of reassurance. Whether seeking opals for the pure pleasure of their beauty or it’s the technical and scientific aspects that interest you, rest assured you’re in safe hands.

And while you’re with us, our team will gladly share stories of visits to Opal Minded’s very own Jundah-Opalville mines, adding a whole new dimension to owning a piece of Australia’s National Gem.

Opal Minded Boutique

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