Opal Cufflinks

Each Opal Minded cufflinks are a limited edition. Contact us to make your opal dream come true.

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Our designer opal cufflinks are one-off creations for men with a refined sense of style and an appreciation for the finest craftsmanship. Opal cufflinks make the perfect gentleman’s gift for the special man in your life and add a handsome dash of sophisticated colour to shirt cuffs. Worn for formal occasions, such as an important dinner or business meeting, our men’s opal cufflinks are an effortless display that exudes success.

Hand-Made Opal Cufflink Sets

Our hand-made opal cufflink collection includes vivid deep blue gems framed in a sterling silver square or oval bezel. We also have sets of white opal cufflinks with hints of green and fiery shades of red and orange, held in 18K yellow or white gold.


Representing different types of masculinity, we have created boulder opal cufflinks set in heavy polished rhodium plates and surrounded by diamonds, as well as light and black opal cufflinks, raw and striking in the colour expression. These are desirable fashion essentials that can be worn on their own or with an opal ring to display a stylistic shine. Our black opal cufflinks deliver definitive exclusivity with gems that are far rarer than diamonds.


Opal Minded cufflinks are crafted out of ethically-sourced opals mined in harmony with the Australian Outback, also from our famous minefields in Jundah-Opalville, and other independent mines across Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Yowah, Quilpie, and Winton. These rare opals are known for displaying vibrant colours and are recognised as the finest quality opals in the world.


To complete the gift, our opal cufflinks can be provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. We can also supply a Certificate of Valuation by a registered valuer for insurance policies.


Whether he is signing a partnership, mentoring entrepreneurs, or dressing for dinner on a catamaran, our opal cufflinks are the perfect accompaniment to impress with sophistication and distinction.