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Each Opal Minded earrings are a limited edition. Contact us to make your opal dream come true.

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It takes patience, time and thousands of opals to train eyes to find a matching pair. When we do, each magical pair becomes a one-off set of earrings. Quietly elegant or exuberant, they’re guaranteed to turn heads.


The Opal Minded collection epitomises our obsession with Australian opals and crafting bespoke opal earrings that are as memorable as the woman who wears them. A miracle of a matched pair of Australian opal gems in earrings takes glamour to another level of mystery and magnificence.


Set in 18-karat gold or sterling silver, our opal earrings are perfectly suited to red carpet events, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. Whether they are worn for dinner, a cocktail party, an important business meeting, these bespoke opal jewels are a sophisticated expression of your unique personality.

Our Stunning Australian Opal Earrings

At Opal Minded, we create jewellery only around the Australian opals sourced from Australian opal fields. A true showcase of bespoke colour-shifting jewels created by nature, the Australian opal’s tightly packed molecular structure makes them more beautiful and durable than opals
sourced elsewhere.


Some opals for opal earrings originate from opal “split,” which is an opal that naturally breaks along its precious plane. Others come from gems cut in half in hope of achieving a mirror image of one another. Others take hours upon hours to match by an experience eye searching for the impossible sameness. In any of these cases, it is not possible to achieve a perfect match of a pair of natural Australian precious opals. Nature is completely unpredictable, and we see this shown off in different opal patterns, combinations of colours and intensity, which may change
within a fraction of a millimetre within an opal gem. Even just polishing an opal gem may make a prospective pair of opals become two independently unique gems unsuitable for earrings.


In our pursuit to match any one-of-a-kind opal with another to become opal earrings, we search for similarities across many opal factors. One factor we do not compromise on is quality. Our genuine precious Australian opals are all one-of-a-kind, making them the ideal and
unique gift and accompaniment to any designer outfit.

Why Opal Minded

With more than 50 years of opal experience, Opal Minded has qualified gemmologists and registered accredited valuers. We are proud to be the only jewellery house solely dedicated to Australian opals, which are the rarest and most valuable gems in the world. Our opal expertise is founded in the entire opal journey, which culminates in a beautiful piece of opal jewellery in our Sydney boutique, and starts in one of the opal fields of Australia, as well as our own in Jundah-Opalville in Queensland.


Our opal mines produce ethically-sourced gems that set an industry standard for outstanding brightness, known in the opal industry as “Jundah-quality.” It is a small cluster of opal mines with the exquisite and varied opal, ranging from light see-through crystal opal, through pipe opal, boulder opal as well as fascinating black opal. Jundah-Opalville is also the site of the first black opals found there before they were discovered in Lightning Ridge, now known as the black opal centre.


We also carefully choose opals from other well known opal fields across Australia. Finding matching opal gems may be a life-time pursuit, so we cast our search wide and far to offer the best selection of rare opal earrings for any occasion. Our in-house professional team of opal devotees can design and create bespoke jewellery, just for you. We can deliver opal earrings that are superb for attracting admiring looks and be passed on through generations to come. For those seeking a personalised design, we offer a bespoke service to bring that special jewel to life from a curated selection of unset opal gems. Created with love for love.