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Each Opal Minded gemstone is a one-of-a-kind. Contact us to make your opal dream come true.

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Loose opal gemstones have a magical and mystical nature with a stunning combination of colours and colour-play. No other gem has the same impact, captivating the human eye and telling an individual and unique story.


We work with natural Australian opal rough, most notably from our own mines, which we cut and polish to produce loose opal gemstones that are ready to set in jewellery including rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. We also work with already cut and polished opal gem material from other mines and opal miners.

Unset Australian Opal Gemstones

Australian precious opals represent the best quality of all opals in the world, regardless which part of Australia they come from. The exquisite quality and durability is a feature shared among opals from Queensland as much as New South Wales or South Australia. The quality opal gemstones from our own mines in Jundah-Opalville have unsurpassed electric glow quality, which makes them particularly desirable and unique. Our unset opals are available at various price points, determined by the rarity, beauty, size, colours, and quality of the individual gemstone.

One Of A Kind Loose Opals

Australia’s one-of-a-kind unset opals are sourced in the most unforgiving and harsh environments of the Outback, with extreme temperatures and little comfort. Our own Opal Minded mine is located 45km outside of Jundah-Opalville, where we source some of our highest quality opal gemstones.


The most valuable and sought-after opals are those with bright vibrant play of colour, with other opal factors also contributing to the opal valuation. Generally, the darker the body tone, the more vibrant the colour play of the opal gemstone.


The world of opal gems is vast and varied. Understanding this exciting and exceedingly rare precious gem requires expertise. You are in good hands with our experienced gemmologists and the registered valuer when it comes to the quality and value of unset opal gemstones.


We often get asked which opal is the best. The answer is simple: the one that you fall in love it.


To source the authentic opal you are looking for, please contact us via email with your specifications. Our specialist will get in touch within 48 hours with a curated selection of gemstones to your specifications.