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Each Opal Minded pendant and necklace is a limited edition. Contact us to make your opal dream come true.

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Opals are unique as you are, our pendants are designed in-house and crafted to reveal the beauty of each individual opal. Be prepared for admiring looks laced with a touch of envy.

Our Sublime Australian Opal Pendants

All the Australian precious opal pendants in our collection are one-of-a-kind. The choice is extensive, and all the jewels come in one original, with no repeats, showcasing an amazing variety of the precious opal gems’ colours, shapes and setting styles. It is easy to get lost in the intense greens, vivid blues, passionate reds or fiery oranges, let alone multi-coloured gems you may not have not yet imagined existed in a gemstone. It is also easy to fall in love with many. So, how to choose safely that one opal pendant perfect for you or as a special gift for your loved one?


Fall in love with it. It is as simple as that. Fall in love. We will do the rest. If a personal visit to our Boutique and Studio in Sydney is not possible, contact us for more photos, videos and answers to your questions. If you are searching for something even more personal and special, our award-winning Creative Director, Renata Bernard, will work with you personally to create the bespoke opal pendant of your dreams.


The Australian opal pendants you can see here are ideal for dressing outfits at special events such as anniversaries, engagements, and birthdays. Set in 18-karat gold or sterling silver, our opals are paired with a range of gem materials, including sparkly diamonds, various coloured sapphires, tsavorites, and classic strings of pearls.


The distinguishing feature of precious opals is their “play of colour,” a phenomenon which has an opal gem shift and move colours with the light movement. It differs from all other gemstones in its ability to deliver any colour of the rainbow and many within one single jewel. Its vivid colours may lift any outfit.


Australian precious opals are absolutely unique and exceedingly rare. Their tightly-packed molecular structure makes them significantly more durable and colourful compared to their counterparts from around the world. Every Australian opal is unique and each has a secret, which is an unexpected colour transformation or a colour aspect that comes alive only at a particular angle or only in a particular light. This mysteriousness and versatility makes an opal pendant a magnificent jewel centred on one truly unique and rare gem that is not readily available anywhere in the world. It is also in limited supply in Australia, due to reduced opal mining activity.

Our Fabulous Australian Opal Necklaces

Vibrant, enchanting and brimming with playful colour, every opal is a one-off natural wonder. Each opal necklace designed by Renata Bernard encapsulates a hint of glamour and a touch of mystery.


Our opal necklaces stand out with their magical Australian opals and either definitely dramatic or discreetly dainty design accents. They are a great gift to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary or the ultimate dress-up item for red carpet events, special dinners, and exclusive parties. They are also an ultimate expression of exceptional elegance and impeccable sense of haute-couture.


Opal Minded has an exclusive range of enchanting and vibrant opal necklaces. Our small curated Australian opal necklace collection comprises designs that transform selected opals into a one-and-only piece of the most desirable piece of jewellery in the market. By wearing one, you are joining an exclusive club of opal jewellery connoisseurs of the few in the know.


The choice of the opal for an opal necklace is serendipitous yet not accidental. Whether it is the harmonious light or black opal, or an exclusively rare pipe opal, or a striking boulder opal mesmerising with its exciting electricity of the vibrant colours, an opal gem selected for a necklace must have the imposing air of rarity. Our opal necklaces
are designed to command attention and add glamourous mystery to elevate any outfit to another plane. The grander opal necklaces are the perfect way to dress your neckline for a special occasion. Their petit renditions charm jewellery connoisseurs with discreet yet distinctive effect of a little known and rare precious gem.


Our award-winning designer begins the design process either with a defined idea of a necklace design or when she is captivated by a particularly distinctive opal gem with a necklace potential. She considers the opals’ unique size, shape, and patterns and decides the gem setting direction to show off the opal’s most striking play of colour in the most dramatic manner.


What makes our opal necklaces stand out is the opals we select for them and our pursuit of harmonious design. The opal gems are carefully chosen for their quality to reflect the function of the final piece. We have opals from all major opal fields in Australia, including black and light opals from Lightning Ridge, light opals from Coober Pedy and Andamooka, and boulder opals from Winton, Quilpie and Koroit, as well from our own mines in Jundah-Opalville.


A genuine opal necklace’s opal may be categorised as white or black. White opals, sourced from all Australian opal fields, have a light body tone, giving the stone a range of subtle hues. Black opal, including black boulder opal, is rare and had a dark body tone that enriches its colours with the intensity and brilliancy unmatched by many other gemstones.


All our opals are carefully examined on all opal factors. All opals at Opal Minded originate from Australian opal fields, are ethically and sustainably mined, answering to the stringent rejuvenation guidelines.

Why Opal Minded?

Opal Minded is the only jewellery house exclusively dedicated to Australian opals. We work with precious opals from all major Australian opal fields and have opals from our own Jundah-Opalville opal mine. Knowing about the extraordinary Jundah-Opalville opals is equivalent to an invitation to an exclusive connoisseur club, setting you apart from other opal sages familiar with the larger opal fields of Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge and Winton. The small quantity of ethically-sourced opals it produces are considered the gold standard. They are so renowned that ‘Jundah-like’ is a term used to describe opals with outstanding brightness.


With so much choice, you may need a guiding hand to unpack the exclusive world of opals and opal jewellery. With over half a century of opal experience, which defines Opal Minded, we have a team of miners, qualified gemologists and registered valuers on whom you can rely. We will help to narrow down the possibility and navigate you through the exclusive world of Australian opals and the choices available to zoom on that one opal jewel to cherish forever.


Our opal jewellery is designed in-house. It starts with blocking, shaping, cutting and polishing of an opal gemstone by the finest professional cutters using age-all, traditional cutting methods, all the way through to the exquisite jewellery for you to fall in love. We are passionate about opals and bespoke opal jewellery. Experience the magic of Australian opals and help us bring more bespoke beauty to the world.