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Our Creative Director, Renata Bernard, designs for each individual opal gemstone, making all of our opal rings special and unique, perfect for that one-of-a-kind engagement ring, anniversary gift, or simply to reflect one’s individuality and personal style.


We have carefully selected for our opal creations the best Australian black, boulder and light precious opals, with the most wonderful and rare features. The exclusive and 100% genuine natural opals are mined exclusively in Australia. We use only Australian sedimentary precious opal, rather than more prevalent Ethiopian opal, so your opal ring can be adored now and also cherished and treasured for generations to come.


Our magical Australian opal rings range from elegant and contemporary to sophisticated and opulent. They are brimming with colour and dreamy symbolism. Alongside the classical 18K white and yellow gold, or sterling silver, you can find the trendy 18K rose gold settings. While some opal rings includes sparkling diamonds, as well as blue, yellow and pink sapphires, or tsavorites for some extra exuberance, other rings satisfy the opal purist joy of uninterrupted focus only on the Australia’s most beautiful precious gemstone, opal.

Why Australian Opal?

Each Australian precious opal jewel exists in one original with no possibility of a perfect replication. It is an ultimate expression of one’s individuality and uniqueness.


The precious Australian opal has no equal in the gem or jewellery world, and its value is determined by its rarity, beauty, and exuberance. Its most distinguishing feature is its play-of-colour, that is the ability to shift and change its colour with the light moving across it. The natural sedimentary opal structure makes it both durable and colourful, capable of all the
colours of rainbow. The Australian sedimentary variety of opal is much rarer than currently the most prevalent Ethiopian hydrophane opal.


Whether worn for a special occasion or to dress up a daily outfit, an Australian precious opal ring is the finest jewellery choice for anyone serious about their jewellery. It is the birthstone of anyone born in October and an expression of uncompromising loyalty in love, which makes it a perfect anniversary or engagement ring.

Our Australian Opal Promise

Opal Minded has been making opal rings for more than 50 years, working exclusively with Australian opals from ethically mined opal fields across the country. We are known in the industry for the most stringent quality control of the Australian opal gems.


Due to its dynamic nature, opal’s true beauty is impossible to capture in a static image so seeing it from different angles or in a video is especially important. It is even more important to have an opal specialist assess the quality of the opal gem material before and after it is set. At Opal Minded, we carefully check each opal gem before and after to guarantee the
best quality.


Of note here is a collection of opal jewels with opals from our own Jundah-Opalville opal mines. We select only the best and most interesting Jundah-Opalville gem material, and have full control over every step of the design process. Opals from Jundah-Opalville are distinguished by what is known amongst opal connoisseurs as Jundah-quality which stands
for outstanding brightness, vividly visible in poor lighting.


We evolved from the family tradition of opal mining in 1940s into the premier Australian opal design house because we love what we do. When you think quality opal jewels, Opal Minded is the natural choice.