From Academia To Opals – With Love

Our Creative Director, Dr Renata Bernard, fell for Australian opals soon after falling in love with founder of Opal Minded, John Bernard.

Drawn to beauty in all its forms, Renata finds inspiration in everything from the majesty of nature to the clean lines of modern architectural design. Passionate about films, she was awarded a PhD in cinema before leaving academia to embrace the world of opals and jewellery design.

Renata is responsible for all Opal Minded’s creations. She approaches each opal individually, from the all-important cutting decisions down to revising the details of the finished pieces. Meticulous by nature and a perfectionist, Renata has been known to remake the same hand-crafted ring multiple times to achieve the final perfect one-of-a-kind piece.

Creative Director Dr Renata Bernard

An experienced gemmologist and accredited NCJV valuer, Renata has an intimate understanding of Australian opals and how best to reveal each stone’s innate beauty.

“To me, every opal piece is a symbol of celebration. I believe in creating jewellery that carries special meaning for its owner; whether it’s a bespoke engagement ring or an anniversary gift, I love infusing jewellery pieces with that extra level of personal meaning,’ she says of her designs.

Renata’s custom opal jewellery design services are available by appointment. For availability phone +61 (0)411 190 449 or email:

Two blocks of blue opal

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