Opal Care

How To Care For Your Opal

Australian solid opals

Properly cared for good quality Australian opals will last for generations.

Contrary to popular belief, Australian opals don’t need to be oiled nor do they dehydrate easily as they do not absorb water readily. They also don’t need to have water around them to stay beautiful, as is the case with the thirsty hydrophane opals.

Opal Gemstone

Caring for solid Australian opal

Looking after your Australian opal jewellery is easy:

  • Wash your opal pieces in gentle soap and water and dry with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Don’t use a silver polishing cloth or cleaning fluid as they contain abrasive materials that in time will dull the opal. Use a spectacles cleaning cloth instead.
  • Unless you are certain that your opal is a natural untreated gem and not a composite, avoid ultrasonic jewellery cleaning devices.
  • If the metal setting of your Australian opal needs repolishing, bring or send it to us to do for you.
Bespoke Australian Opal earrings in 18K Yellow Gold with Large Blue, Red, Orange and Green Opal

Caring for composite opal (opal doublets, inlays, triplets, mosaics)

Composite opal care differs from caring for solid Australian opals in one respect only: water. While occasional exposure to water is unlikely to harm your opals, done repeatedly it will cause damage. Do not shower in your composite stone jewellery, don’t swim in it and if you do have a composite or inlay opal ring, remove it when washing your hands.

Opal Care Service

We offer lifetime complimentary care for any opal piece made by or purchased from Opal Minded. For other opal pieces, we also offer opal servicing at a fee. Send us an email at consultation@opalminded.com, or call +61 (0)458 758 886 to make an appointment.

Australian Opal Doublet Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold with Blue and Red Opal

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