Choosing Opals

How To Choose An Opal

A glamorous piece of opal jewellery is the final touch that can transform even the plainest outfit into something extraordinary. When each stone is unique, how do you choose?

If buying your jewellery piece in-store, try it on and look in the mirror. Do the colours complement your skin tone? Will it work with your wardrobe? Examine your opal in the darkest and brightest spots of the store to imagine how the it will look in different light settings.


If making a purchase to offer as a gift imagine how it will look on the lucky recipient? Bring a photograph if you can. To help you choose the perfect opal piece, our staff can model it for you if they’re not in store.

If buying online, make sure you know the measurements of the opal as the carat weight may give an unreliable impression of the opal’s actual size. Don’t judge an opal from photographs alone – look for video. This is the only way to see the play of colour, which is the most exciting aspect of any opal. If there’s no video on the website, ask for it to be sent to you via email.

Bespoke Australian Opal ring in 18K Yellow Gold with a Rim of Diamonds and Large Blue, Yellow and Green Opal

You can also try on a piece virtually by sending a photo (of yourself or your loved one).  An image of an opal ring can be superimposed on a finger or a necklace on a décolletage. We have many ways to help you choose that perfect opal piece.

All you need do is fall in love with your choice and we take care of the rest. Certifications, explaining value attributions, tax exemptions for travellers, certified valuations, guarantees of authenticity and continuous lifelong opal care services. We take care of it all as we’ve done for more than half a century.

Bespoke Australian Opal pendant in 18K Yellow Gold with a Rim of Diamonds and Large Blue and Green Opal

Fall in love with our opals.
We will take care of the rest.