Is An Opal the Right Gemstone for You?

2021 Oct, 28
Is An Opal the Right Gemstone for You

Uncover Opal symbolism
and some intriguing benefits of wearing it

You may not know it, but there is a whole lot more to an opal than meets the eye. Beyond their exquisite beauty and enchanting colour play lies a tapestry of rich history and fascinating beliefs on opal symbolism and its healing qualities.

The opal gets its name from the Latin word ‘Opalus’, but is believed to have originated from the Sanskrit word Upala, meaning ‘precious stone’.

The opal carries with it mythology from all over the world. In the Roman Empire, it was once considered the most valuable and highly sought-after stone. For centuries aristocrats and royalty adorned themselves with the rare and multi-coloured gemstones. In Greek mythology, opals were described as the stone formation of the tears that the god Zeus wept after defeat.

Indian mythology also associates the gemstone with a revered and worshipped deity. They believed that when the ‘Goddess of Rainbows’ turned herself to stone to evade other gods’ advances, opals represented fragments of her body.

Opal symbolism

The opal has long been considered a lucky and protective talisman. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that if you wore an amulet containing opal, then you would be protected from failing vision and that your mind and memory would be strengthened. It was also considered a revealing stone, enabling its wearer to distinguish a friend from foe with a change in its colour.

The opal may help bring balance, good karma, and a renewed sense of hope by serving as a’ good luck’ charm. If you or someone you know has been experiencing intense emotional overwhelm, then an opal amulet may assist with balancing some of those big emotions and aid in healing and strengthening the emotional body. It is said that an opal sends grounding energy to our feet, or ‘base chakra’ and helps to keep our hearts open and our minds clear.

The opal is known as an ‘amplification’ stone that can bring thoughts and feelings to the surface and then intensify them. Wearing it can serve as a positive reminder to be aware of the thoughts and actions you are sending out into the universe. Through amplification, the opal may help release behaviours that are perceived as negative and are no longer serving you. A clearing and cleansing of negative thought patterns pave the way for more loving, positive, and creative energy to enter. Some call it the stone of happy dreams and positive changes.

Because the opal is known as a stone of positive transformation, it is believed that wearing it may help you find the strength to look inwards and confront any negative emotions that may be lingering. The opal helps to bring clarity to an unclear situation or feeling. It is often used as a cleansing and healing stone that can help with recovery after a traumatic heartbreak.

A white opal may help with positive manifestation, particularly relating to financial goals. Because it is considered a lucky stone, wearing it is said to help bring your energy and dreams into alignment to successfully achieve what you desire. Health, wealth, and abundance start from a mindset shift, and symbolically, an opal may provide the emotional support needed.

Opals and love

White opal is the gemstone relegated to the month of October and zodiac sign of Libra (ruled by Venus, the planet of love). Libra is known as the most romantic sign of the zodiac; it represents romance, relationships, harmony, and balance. If you’re a Libran, you’ll likely value love and commitment above all else. Because of the opal’s connection to the sign of Libra, it is often related to feelings of deep passion, love & desire, making opal engagement rings the perfect jewel to express one’s love. The opal, an amplifier of (hidden) emotions, may help bring inner desires or secret inhibitions to the surface.

When a Libran wears white opal, all these positive qualities become amplified. Scorpios’ birthdays fall into the (tail-end) of October, so they too will benefit from wearing opal. Wearing opal may help to balance some of Scorpios’ more challenging traits enhancing their internal beauty and eternal shine.


Opals and feng shui energy

If you’re considering placing opal in your home or workspace, then keep the following in mind.

Due to its amorphous composition, the opal has a strong water element energy. According to the laws of Feng Shui, the qualities associated with water energy are stillness, strength, and purification. Precious opals in shades of black or blue can be used to elevate a meditation or prayer room or may be positioned in a place where you seek quiet contemplation. The water element corresponds with the north area of your home and relates to your career and life path.

Unsurprisingly, fire opals are related to the energy of fire. The fire element is associated with warmth, brightness, action, enthusiasm, and high energy, and it corresponds with the south area of your home. If your room needs an energetic boost, then consider enhancing the south area with some fire opal.

The mystical qualities and benefits of wearing opal

Opal is said to have the power to infuse an aura with the full spectrum of light and provide total body healing. The colour play of opals has been linked to the different chakra centres. An opal is powerful enough to activate several chakra zones and unite them to connect to the crown chakra.

The colour green relates to the heart chakra and may assist with heart-centred emotions and overwhelm. Green opal is often referred to as the lovers’ stone and may be beneficial in a relationship crisis.

White opal is a calming and protective stone, absorbing negative emotions and bringing a sense of peace to an overactive mind. They are also known as the gemstone for eye protection and may bring brightness to the eyes and assist with various eye infections and diseases. They are also said to help boost the immune system and bring a sense of ease and lightness to the breath.

Opal healing qualities have also been linked to liver function and PMS, and childbirth pain. On this note, the ‘Goddess’ energy associated with opals makes them a perfect gift for expectant mothers or for women who may want help overcoming fears surrounding childbirth, conception, and pregnancy. In addition, opals are known for ridding bad dreams, so they can be especially useful for children suffering from recurring nightmares or aid poor sleep in general.

Beyond its magnetic aesthetic appeal, an opal gemstone is shrouded in symbolism. Lovers of this intriguing gemstone have gravitated towards it for centuries, not only for its obvious beauty but also for its alluring mystical benefits. At Opal Minded, we believe that an opal’s charm transcends its rainbow-coloured surface to bestow upon its wearer the gifts of transformation, protection, luck, and love.

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