• Blue Symphony, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Blue Symphony Pendant

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    Their tears were real, their laughter in droplets hang in the air
  • Aurora Borealis, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Aurora Borealis

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    May many small sunshines drip wonders over you.
  • Newton's Attraction Pendant, Autentikeco Collection

    Newton’s Attraction Pendant

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    It is in beauty's reflection that one finds a way.
  • River of Dreams, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    River of Dreams

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    Your dreams are made of my delightful light dance.
  • Soul of Radiance, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Soul of Radiance

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    The lattice of your being radiates with Earth's divine passions.
  • The Rites of Spring, Autentikeco Collection, by Renata Bernard

    The Rites of Spring

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    One with the universe awaken.
  • The Birth of Venus

    Birth of Venus

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    For her beauty was too real to hide.
  • No name

    Golden Metaphor

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    I will hang over your heart like a thirsty desert hugs its most precious oasis.
  • Juliet


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    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  • No name

    Jundah Rainbow

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    My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in your eye.
  • Lights Camera Action

    Light, Camera, Action

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    "There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life." Federico Fellini
  • Moulin Rouge

    Moulin Rouge

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    It moves with such a perfect grace.
  • No name

    Opal Magic

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    The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
  • Roses Are Blue

    Roses Are Blue

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    If I were a floweret, my leaves would enclose your heart.
  • She Said Yes

    She Said Yes

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    We’ll dance together with springtime rains, we’ll pedal sun-kissed forrest lanes.
  • All Quiet on The Western Sea

    Storm Mist

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    The soul's storm blurred before my eyes into the sweetest mist.
  • Ulysses


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    Think you're escaping and run into yourself.
  • Dionysus' Garden, Epoko Collection

    Dionysus’ Garden

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    Cups runneth over and over, from joy to abundance.
  • Forest Nymph, Epoko Collection

    Forest Nymph

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    Leap high in joy, then spin about, and slide down off the waves.
  • Sea Serpent Secret, Reef Reverie Collection

    Serpent Azure

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    An azure serpent rose, in scales that flam'd with gold.
  • Life Plentiful, Reef Reverie Collection

    Life Plentiful Pendant

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    Abandon yourself to a rainbow dance.
  • Masami, Epoko Collection


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    She walks in beauty, like the night.
  • Fine Island Morning, Reef Reverie Collection

    Fine Island Morning

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    So radiant like the light of cypress mornings.
  • Purple Quartet, Epoko Collection

    Purple Quartet Necklace (Transformer)

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    Into the rose garden, my words echo...
  • Reef Cocoon Pendant, Reef Reverie Collection, by Renata Bernard

    Reef Cocoon Pendant

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    My heart is like a rainbow shell that paddles in a halcyon sea.
  • Dulcinea Of The Deep, Reef Reverie Collection

    Dulcinea of the Deep Pendant

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    Loving Her is a splendid adventure.
  • fairies

    There Are Fairies At The Bottom Of My Garden

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    Each with unfathomable beauty, the path chosen invariably delightful.