Jundah-Opalville opals

The Most Beautiful Opals In The World

Industry old-timers refer to a particularly impressive intensity of an opal as “Jundah-like”, meaning the brightness is outstanding even in poor lighting conditions.

Jundah opals set the benchmark for quality Australian opals. The varieties found in the area include black, boulder, crystal and pipe opals; and while each stone is unique, they all share the same identifiable Jundah-quality.

Opal Rock

The rarest of all Australian opals, black opals are a well-kept secret. First discovered in the area over a century ago, black opals owe their dark body tone to the soil’s high manganese content – a rare occurrence amongst Queensland opals. Their electrifying colour-play contrasts against their black body tone with striking brightness and dramatic colours.

Jundah’s famous pipe-opal is another type of area-specific opal that mesmerises with its vivid green-blue colour-play. Pipe opals are mostly opalised organic matter, such as tree roots, yet their magic stretches far beyond their scientific descriptions. A certain shade of blue displayed by some pipe opals prompted the Opal Minded team to dub this hue “Jundah blue.” Next time you drop in ask to see our Jundah blue.

Bespoke Australian Opal ring in 18K Rose Gold with a Rim of Diamonds and Large Blue and Green Opal

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