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Our Range Of Rose Gold Opal Jewellery

Our jewellery mesmerises with pieces adorned by highly-prized fiery red opal, deep blue opal that captivates the soul, or vivid green opal tones that suggest a blossoming tide rolling against the shore.


Many people prefer the colour of 18k rose gold jewellery, which contains 75% pure gold. It gains its rose hues from its blend with copper and silver, creating a piece that begs to be worn at galas, anniversaries, and other memorable events that occur once in a lifetime.


Our range includes 18k rose gold opal pendants and earrings that have the versatility to be worn for any occasion. For glamorous events, rose gold necklaces with opals surrounded by icy diamonds draw attention as they sparkle at every turn.


Our 18k rose gold rings are handcrafted to achieve perfection and might be accompanied by diamonds, tsavorites or multi-coloured sapphires. Our one-of-a-kind creations are unrivalled and display the passion of our Creative Director, taking inspiration from the breathtaking essence of nature and architecture. Each opal is carefully considered and cut to reveal its characteristics and allure on our opal rings, opal pendants, and opal earrings. The rose gold own colour tone brings an empahsis to the warm red, orange or yellow, as well as purply hues in opals, while contrasting with the cooler blue-green opals.


Designed by Opal Minded, many of our multicoloured Australian opals originate from our mines in Jundah-Opalville or the opal fields of Glengarry, Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Quilpie, Andamooka, and Winton. Here, the rarest opals are discovered, with nature forming a wide array of shapes and beautiful colours.