18K white gold

Our exquisitely elegant 18k white gold jewellery embraces the beauty of Australian opals. Each opal piece is individually crafted and perfectly refined, making it the ultimate choice for a special occasion.

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Our Range Of White Gold Opal Jewellery

An exclusive gift for a bespoke opal engagement ring or exceedingly rare anniversary jewel, the opals set in our 18k white gold jewellery carry a special meaning forward through time, forever linking its owner to a perfect moment.


The purity of white gold Australian opal jewellery, coupled with the individuality of a unique design, brings a rare and enchanting piece to life. Each item fascinates and captivates the imagination as colours dance and light reflects and refracts off each curve or line.


Our Australian opals are set against a background of 18k white gold jewellery. The opals are often befriended by brilliantly cut sparkling diamonds or other precious accent gems, such as treasured sapphires or green tsavorites. White gold opal rings, pendants and earrings have an invariably contemporary feel to them by the power of the gold colour.


Our 18k white gold jewellery range is ideal for significant occasions and includes white gold opal pendant necklaces of different sizes and opal colours that dangle from delicate chains or more substantial omegas. Our playful white gold necklaces house opals with different body tones, displaying vibrant colours or subtle hues, creating a masterpiece for all tastes.


Our Creative Director takes inspiration from the glory of nature or modern architecture. We carefully choose the manufacturing techniques and make cutting decisions based on each opal’s unique characteristics, including its appearance and size. No opal is ever cut to fit a particular setting, as all our jewellery settings are designed around the Australian opal gem at their centre. Each opal necklace, opal ring or earrings is designed to emphasise what makes a particular opal gem outstanding.


Our exquisite and exceedingly beautiful opals are sourced from our mines in Jundah-Opalville, as well as from Australia’s opal fields in Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Mintabie, Winton, Quilpie, and Andamooka. These opal fields produce the rarest and highest quality opals in the world.