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Our Range Of Yellow Gold Opal Jewellery

Our 18k yellow gold Australian opal jewellery makes the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, red carpet events, and of course, engagements. With the rarest opals in the world, you can celebrate your love and create an attachment that will last for eternity.


Whether you are searching for a symphony of blue, a kiss of fiery red, or a subtle hue for the ballroom, our 18k yellow gold opal jewellery makes the perfect companion. Each opal is entirely unique, so every creation is a one-of-kind piece that speaks to the honesty of intent.


Our range is fluid and often changes as new Australian opals are found and become the central attraction of our 18k yellow gold opal necklaces or yellow gold opal rings. If you are seeking something that dances in the light, then you should consider a piece that includes sparkling diamonds. For other seekers, yellow gold opal jewellery adorned with seductive tsavorites or alluring multi-coloured sapphires captivate attention.


Opal Minded is world-renowned for finding the rarest and most beautiful boulder opals with a mesmerising play of colour. Our finds include black, white, light, and pipe opals, extending our range of 18k yellow gold opal jewellery to include opal hues and body tone for all tastes.


Our Creative Director selects opals from our mine in Jundah-Opalville, as well as the opal fields in Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Andamooka, Winton, Mintabie, and Quilpie. Each opal that finds its way into our 18k yellow gold opal earrings or pendants is carefully cut and shaped to emphasise the most beautiful opal factors, using techniques specifically for that opal, making masterpieces at every turn. No opal is cut to any pre-existing size or shape requirement, or to fit a particular pre-existing setting. With an experience of thousands of opal jewellery designs, our Creative Director and our chief designer lets opal’s colours dictate the opal setting, which is made to bring out the most unique aspects of the gem.


The yellow gold setting customised to an individual opal will emphasise all the warm hues, while beautifully contrasting with greens.