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Our luxurious sterling silver jewellery with brilliant and rare opals at their heart allows you to own and embrace the beauty of a one-off treasure. Whether you are looking for a subdued or vibrant piece, you will find the highest-quality opal sterling silver jewellery that is perfect in every way.


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Our Range Of Sterling Silver Opal Jewellery

Our opals fascinate, captivate, and mesmerise in contemporary styles that offer something for any outfit and every occasion. If you are searching for sterling silver jewellery that will make an extravagant birthday or glamorous anniversary gift or for opals set in sterling silver rings to make an extraordinary engagement promise, then you have the Opal Minded mindset.


Our range of sterling silver opal jewellery includes the world’s finest unique handcrafted items that you can wear with unshakable confidence. Perfect for any occasion, you can turn heads with sterling silver earrings or necklaces. Alternatively, gold and sterling silver pendants adorned with diamonds might fulfill your dream.


We are passionate about helping you capture a perfect moment in time. It might be sterling silver jewellery crowned with a white or black opal for pairing with casual outfits or for wearing at business meetings. Or maybe it is a captivating green natural boulder opal or sterling silver jewellery with a striking rainbow boulder opal with colours that shift and change as the gem moves and dances in the light.


Our opal jewellery is crafted and refined in-house by our Creative Director and Designer. A true perfectionist, she oversees every aspect, from the moment the opal comes out of the ground to crucial cutting decisions and refinements. Opal Minded selects the best and rarest Australian opals from the minefields in Lightning Ridge, Jundah-Opalville, Quilpie, Winton, and Coober Pedy, bringing you real treasures created by nature.