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Opal Jewellery For A Perfect Anniversary Gift

Finding a perfect anniversary gift is a challenge many of us accept gladly yet find hard to fulfil. An ideal anniversary gift should express the deep meaning and importance associated with the special moments in life. It should be unique and rich in emotions and symbolic of the loyalty and the richness of a life shared. This is where our one-of-a-kind opal anniversary jewellery can relay your feelings when words alone are not enough.

Celebrate Your Special Wedding Anniversary

At Opal Minded we rejoice the uniqueness of each relationship and the individual way it is expressed. We create opal jewellery to help you celebrate your anniversary of a significant moment in your relationship, such as a wedding or the moment you knew met your soulmate. We have a unique range of anniversary gift jewellery to compliment any style, or we can design with you that special piece, which could also contain a secret message just for you and your loved one.


Our anniversary gifts of an opal ring make a memorable impact with a mesmerising Australian opal positioned proud on a circle of 18k rose, white, or yellow gold, sterling silver, or a pairing of the two. Our anniversary gift of opal earrings brings a sparkle to any occasion, with or without other accent gems, such as diamonds or sapphires.


Our anniversary gifts of an opal necklace or opal pendant can adorn your long-term love with beautiful Australian opals and their passionate reds, seductive greens, or calming blues. From multi-coloured Australian boulder opal anniversary jewellery to pieces that are embellished with green garnets or pink sapphires, the beauty of your love will shine for all to see.


The gems in our opal anniversary jewellery are of the world’s highest quality, sourced from our opal mines in Jundah-Opalville. Our Creative Director, Renata Bernard, designs magical items with rare Australian opals from other opal mining areas, sourcing previous opals from Winton, Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, and Quilpie.


Each item of opal jewellery given as an anniversary gift expresses your emotions through unique characteristics specific to the gem you choose. We select, cut, and refine each precious opal gem, bringing it to life in a perfect form for you, your partner, and your special anniversary event. If you do not see the perfect piece on our website, we have more in our store to choose from. Our designer can also create that ideal opal gift in an easy online process to match your dreams of gifting the most impressive gift of your relationship.


Tell us as little or as much as you can, and we will make your dream anniversary gift of opal jewellery come true. Delivered securely with money back guarantee of any ready-made piece to your doorstep.