The Australiana style is flourishing with fine opal jewellery from Opal Minded, inspired by the natural wonders of the world’s smallest continent. From the Australian Outback that produces the rare Australian opal gemstones to the water-life of one of the most wonderous eco-systems of the world at the Great Barrier Reef, there is plenty to choose from.

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Our Range Of Australiana Opal Jewellery

Our show-stopping pieces of Australiana jewellery are all headlined by a precious natural opal sourced within our shores. With distinctive styles that reflect Australiana cultural influences, our luxurious range is accentuated by colours that shift and change as the gems move and dance in the surrounding light.


The Australiana design aesthetic is influenced by and representative of the unique colours, textures, and patterns surrounding everyday life and local nature. With a natural affinity for colour and light, this style is symbolic of Australia’s beautiful flora, oceans, sky, and sun-drenched landscape.


Our Creative Designer, an avid traveller and collector of landscape experiences, creates mesmerising jewellery, including Australiana opal earrings, opal pendants, and opal rings. Whether you are searching to add a single point of vibrancy to a subdued ensemble or completing an outfit inspired by contemporary Australiana fashion, you will find a one-of-a-kind opal that is right for you.


Each black, light, white, or boulder opal gemstone is set in 18 Karat, yellow or rose gold, sterling silver, or a romantic blend of the two. Sometimes the opal stands alone as a single gem; other times, it is encircled in dazzling diamonds, emeralds, garnets, or sapphires.


Many of the rare and precious opals in the collection are found in Opal Minded’s own Jundah-Opalville opal mine in Western Queensland, where the first black opals were found in Australia. We also create inspiring jewellery with opals from other opal fields of Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Quilpie, and Winton, each offering different qualities underwritten by varying natural and geological landscapes. Only among this exclusive cluster of mines do we find opals that have been created by nature and Australia’s unique climate, ecology, and geography and at a quality worthy of Australiana.