Little Princess

Exquisite and magical Australian opal jewellery pieces fit for the cherished Little Princess in your life. These dainty opal pieces will make for a sentimental gift that is a perfect expression of her youthful and free-spirited beauty.

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A Magical Gift for your Little Princess

Nothing says, “You’re special. You matter to me,” to your loved little one than a beautiful opal pendant or opal earrings she is bound to cherish forever. Our Little Princess collection is exclusively designed to express her youthful spirit with some pieces designed by the young and creative Gigi Bernard under the tutelage of our renowned Creative Director, Renata Bernard. These pieces are one-of-a-kind classic designs that never go out of style and will remain a staple of her fine jewellery collection.


Mesmerising and rare black opals and boulder opals set in smooth sterling silver or in a 18K yellow-gold and 18K white-gold, make up this carefully curated collection. Each piece evokes the fresh and joyful spirit that so often characterises the youth with charming and delicate designs. Watch as her face lights up with delight as she beholds the enchanting and precious opal jewellery piece you have presented her.


The pendants and earrings of this collection feature high-quality Australian opals that have been ethically sourced from our own Jundah-Opalville mines as well as other prominent mines around Australia. Each opal gemstone centrepiece was selected for their vibrant colour play and unique pattern making them an extra special and rare gift for the little princess. For any occasion from birthdays to her graduation, celebrate these special moments with an irreplaceable gift. Inspire awe and gleeful smiles to the little one that brightens your day.

Why the Australian Opal?

Our premium quality opals are sourced in the harsh Australian Outback from some of the most distinguished mines in the nation producing the highest quality opal gemstones in the world. Knowing how special these gemstones are, what better way to let your little princess know how special they are than with an Australian opal jewel?


Our award-winning in-house jewellery designer, Renata Bernard is a true perfectionist bringing masterpieces to life with these precious opals that are rare, durable, and beautiful. We oversee every step of the jewellery process, from making the vital opal cutting and polishing decisions to refining each design to accentuate the unique characteristics of the world’s rarest and most precious natural opals. Be assured that at Opal Minded every piece comes with a clear Australian provenance and a lifetime guarantee of its quality.