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Dazzle With One Of A Kind Opal Jewellery

Our red carpet jewellery collection lets you transform any outfit by adding a rare and covered Australian gemstone that will express the uniqueness of your style like no other. Our red carpet opals are genuinely remarkable, with superb clarity and a vivid display of colours, stretching the breadth of the rainbow.


The Opal Minded collection of one-of-a-kind red carpet opal jewellery presents a striking display of glowing prisms of light and colour. We have magical pieces that allow you to release your spirit with opals highlighted with green emeralds, garnets, sparkling diamonds, or yellow and pink sapphires.


Our designs bring the opals to life in our colourful opal earrings, with the precious gems dangling and dancing under the event’s lighting and at every camera flash. A red carpet necklace, suspended on a yellow, white or rose gold chain, white gold projects elegance at every turn.


Our red carpet jewellery is designed and crafted to the highest standards with the finest and rarest Australian opals. Taking inspiration from the individual characteristics of each boulder, light and black opal, each is a unique one-off creation.


We source our opals from our mines in Jundah-Opalville, and other famous opal fields in Winton, Coober Pedy, Quilpie, Lightning Ridge. These opals are the finest in the world, creating treasured jewellery for your next red carpet event.