Dewdrops emerge in the fresh morning sun, arise from the air in luminescent grace. Embody this small wonder of nature with the Dewdrops Collection from Opal Minded. These delicate opal necklaces dangle with an array of gorgeous tear-shaped Australian opals. Designed by Renata Bernard. These pieces are all a limited edition of one.

The Dewdrop collection is now available in-store, we also custom make to order. It’s simple- tell us your preferred precious metal (sterling silver, yellow, white, or rose gold) and how many precious opals you’d like in your design. Contact us directly at, to bring the Dewdrop collection into your life.

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Life imitates the opal

This selection of opal pendants, earrings, and rings complete the Dewdrop Collection. All featuring stunning opals from our Jundah-Opalville mines- budding like fresh dewdrops, in gold and silver settings. 


As the morning dew emerges with the arrival of the sun, opals capture the light that traverses through its droplets. A wonder of nature, the Dewdrops collection perfectly reflect its beauty.


A piece from the Dewdrop Collection is bound to become a staple of your wardrobe and bring you a sense of wonder every time it’s worn. Each unique piece is masterfully set in classic 18K white gold or 18K rose gold, and elegant sterling silver. Nature-inspired jewellery pieces are eternal gifts that are suited to every occasion, including birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries


The opal gemstones that are the centerpiece of this collection are of the highest quality hailing from Opal Minded’s own Jundah-Opalville mines in Queensland. Here at Opal Minded be assured of the quality, durability and completely unique nature of your piece. 


Dewdrops emerge in the fresh morning sun, arise from the air in luminescent grace. Bring this small wonder of nature into your everyday life, with the Dewdrops collection. 


Why Australian Opals?

The Australian opal is one of the rarest and highly-sought after precious gemstones in the world, as each opal jewel is one-of-a-kind with no possibility of a perfect replication. Its value is determined by its rarity, beauty, and exuberance, with its most distinguishing feature being its play-of-colour- that is the ability to shift and change its colour with the light moving across it.


Here at Opal Minded, we work with precious opals from all major Australian opal fields, including our own Jundah-Opalville opal mine. The small quantity of ethically-sourced opals it produces is considered the gold standard. They are so renowned that ‘Jundah-like’ is a term used to describe opals with outstanding brightness.