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An Opal Connoisseur’s Dream

The Dream Collection is an exquisite curation of our finest handcrafted opal jewellery that are exclusive one-off designs. Designed by our renowned Creative Director, Renata Bernard, this collection has earned recognition and acclaim for its impeccable design and craftsmanship that give justice to the rare and high-quality Australian national gemstone.


The story of each piece starts with a beautiful vision that has either taken years to form or came as a strike of inspiration. Renata meticulously draws up such visions and our master crafters bring these visions to life. It is without a doubt that each piece is imbued with a unique and intriguing story, one that can be retold through generations.


The vibrant and mesmerising opal play-of-colour in every piece is accentuated by intricate designs adorned by a dazzling array of delicate sparkling diamonds. Embodying ultimate refinement and stylish elegance, the Dream Collection carries a most becoming and fitting piece for the connoisseur looking to add a uniquely sophisticated touch to their attire. All are awe-inspiring statement pieces bound to elevate its wearer’s charm and beauty.


The opal gemstones featured in this collection are of the highest quality, from Opal Minded’s own Jundah-Opalville mine in Western Queensland, where the first black opals were found in Australia. Some are from other important Australian opal mines. All opals are ethically sourced and crafted using masterful traditional polishing techniques which give the finish of the highest possible industry standard. They are the benchmark for opal quality, owing to their beauty, durability, and rarity, making our dream collection the most luxurious and precious in the world.

Why Opal Minded

Opal Minded specialises in turning your opal dreams into reality. We work with precious opals from all major Australian opal fields, including our own Jundah-Opalville opal mine. The small quantity of ethically-sourced opals it produces are considered the gold standard. They are so renowned that ‘Jundah-like’ is a term used to describe opals with outstanding brightness.


With so much choice, you may need a guiding hand to unpack the exclusive world of opals and opal jewellery. With over half a century of opal experience, which defines Opal Minded, we have a team of miners, qualified gemologists and registered valuers on whom you can rely. We will help to narrow down the possibility and navigate you through the exclusive world of Australian opals and the choices available to select the opal jewel you will cherish forever. For all occasions from Anniversaries to Red Carpet events, there exists a perfect and one-of-a-kind piece for you.


Our opal jewellery is designed in-house. It starts with blocking, shaping, cutting and polishing of an opal gemstone by the finest professional cutters using age-all, traditional cutting methods. You will not find a jewellery maison more dedicated to the Australian opal and opal jewellery than Opal Minded. Experience the magic of Australian opals and let your opal dreams run wild so we can deliver more bespoke beauty to the world.