Fleur des Opals

Roam through our resplendent opal garden filled with the most exquisite flora and fauna designs bursting with colours, life and stories. The star of each design is mother nature’s masterpiece; the Australian opal, superbly crafted in high-quality metals to last you a lifetime.

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Enjoy the Lovely Opal Garden

Inspired by the sublime beauty of a lush and bountiful garden on a tranquil spring day, the Fleur des Opals collection is an absolute delight for lovers of nature. Charming, delicate and feminine flora and fauna designs that are one-of-a-kind and which feature one of the most rare and precious gemstones on earth; the Australian opal. These exquisite pieces are ideal ornaments for both everyday wear and large-scale events.


From opal pendants, earrings and brooches the Fleur des Opals collection has a perfect piece to make you blossom like a lovely flower. Each unique piece is masterfully set in elegant sterling silver or a classic 18K yellow-gold or 18K white-gold. Nature-inspired jewellery pieces are eternal gifts that are suitable for every occasion, including birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries.


The opal gemstones that are the centrepiece of this collection are of the highest quality hailing from Opal Minded’s own Jundah-Opalville mines in Queensland and other renowned opal mines in Australia. Here at Opal Minded be assured in the quality, durability and completely unique nature of your piece.


A garden is the brightest manifestation of life, an image of joy, abundance and diversity. Bring this charm and vibrancy into your everyday life with a piece from our Fleur des Opals collection.


Why Opal Minded?

With more than 50 years of opal experience, Opal Minded is able to guarantee that every opal piece comes with a clear Australian provenance, is of the finest quality and crafted to the highest standards. We are proud to be the only jewellery Maison solely dedicated to Australian opals, and our opal expertise is founded in the entire opal journey, which begins in the harsh outback of Australia and culminates in a beautiful piece of opal jewellery at the Opal Minded Sydney boutique. Created with love for love.


Whether worn for a special occasion or to dress up a daily outfit, an Australian precious opal is the finest jewellery choice for anyone serious about their jewellery. Perfectly sublime and unique, adorning oneself with a bespoke opal jewellery piece is an unparalleled look.