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One-off opal creations for men with a refined sense of style and an appreciation for the finest craftsmanship. Wearing an opal piece distinguishes a man for his unique taste and ability to stand out from the crowd. It is jewellery for connoisseurs of stylish masculinity at its finest.

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Created for the Distinctive and Stylish Man

Full of subtle luxury with a contemporary edge, the Opal Minded Men’s Opal Collection are timeless pieces that will elevate one’s everyday repertoire and impress with style. With an emphasis on contemporary high quality craftsmanship our jewellery for men bring to the fore the captivating beauty of the Australian opal. Opal cufflinks or opal rings make the perfect gentleman’s gift for the special man in your life.


From classy opal cufflinks to bold opal rings, this collection is carefully curated to satisfy the stylish modern man. Rare and highly-sought after mesmerising black opals as well as electrifying boulder opals set in sleek sterling silver or a timeless 18K white or yellow gold are the defining pieces in this collection.


All the men’s opal jewellery from this collection are crafted out of ethically-sourced opals mined in harmony with the Australian Outback, many of which are from our famous minefields in Jundah-Opalville, as well as from other independent mines across Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Yowah, Quilpie, and Winton. These rare and precious opals are remarkable for their brilliant play of colour and are recognised as the finest quality opals in the world.


A perfect final flourish for any occasion, from a business meeting to a dinner party he is sure to be a classic picture of masculine elegance. Opal jewellery is a perfect birthday or anniversary gift, and a timeless must-have for the special man in your life. Our designer opal pieces add a handsome dash of sophisticated colour to his immaculate fitting.

Why the Australian Opal?

Each Australian precious opal jewel is one-of-a-kind with no possibility of a perfect replication. It is an ultimate expression of one’s individuality and uniqueness.


The precious Australian opal has no equal in the gem or jewellery world, and its value is determined by its rarity, beauty, and exuberance. Its most distinguishing feature is its play-of-colour, that is the ability to shift and change its colour with the light moving across it. The natural sedimentary opal structure makes it both durable and colourful, capable of all the colours of rainbow.


Whether worn for a special occasion or to dress up a daily outfit, an Australian precious opal is the finest jewellery choice for anyone serious about their jewellery. Perfectly sublime and unique, adorning oneself with an opal piece is an unparalleled look.