Opal Minded Awarded Best Ethical Jewellery Brand 2021 by LUX Life Magazine

2022 Jan, 31
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We are honoured and humbled to be recognised as the Best Ethical Jewellery Brand – Asia Pacific in LUXLife Magazine’s acclaimed 2021 Global Excellence Awards.

LUXlife Magazine is the UK’s premium lifestyle publication covering all aspects of high-end lifestyle, including the finest, high-end jewellery, art, food and drink, hotels and resorts, health and beauty, automotive, and technology.

LUXlife’s Global Excellence Awards commends the contributions of the very best global luxury businesses who aim to go above and beyond the competition and demonstrate excellence within their chosen sector and market. Awards are based on merit, ensuring every company has an equal chance to gain the recognition they deserve.

Since 1989, Sydney-based Opal Minded specialises in fine jewellery made exclusively with Australian opals. Managed by the Bernard family; Creative Director, Dr Renata Bernard designs one-of-a-kind opal pieces whilst founder and famed Australian Opal Hunter, John Bernard brings in the best opals from their opal mines in Queensland.

Steeped in a 70-year-old mining tradition, Opal Minded mines sustainably with a strong emphasis on a holistic ethical approach. The company works to a ‘gold standard’ of land rehabilitation that ensures they leave the land in a better state than before they started. They ensure that procuring high-quality opals for their jewellery doesn’t come at a cost to the flora and fauna, or the people involved. With sustainably mined Australian precious opals, buying guilt-free fine jewellery has never been easier.

So, if the “why” and “how” matters to you as much as the “what” of the opal world, Opal Minded is the destination for you.

Fall in love with our opals.
We will take care of the rest.


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