Opal Services

Opal Services

Valuation Service

We offer an accredited valuation service for jewellery and gemstones. Please note that the gem must be examined in person and this service is not available by video.

Certificate of Authenticity and Certificate of Valuation

An NCJV accredited Certificate of Valuation is complimentary with any piece purchased at Opal Minded over the value of AU$2,000. The Certificate includes additional information about the opal piece and states the retail replacement value at Opal Minded. This legally binding document is prepared by specialist opal valuers and may be used as a reliable assessment for jewellery insurance purposes.

We issue complimentary Certificates of Authenticity listing the origin of the opal, its weight, type and provenance. Every opal piece comes with its own set of images that clearly identify it.

Bespoke Design Service

Opal Minded’s Creative Director, Renata Bernard, PhD, GIA, GG and NCJV accredited valuer, is available by appointment to advise on your design requirements and work with you to create the bespoke opal piece of your dreams.

Renata can also assist with giving your family opal heirloom jewellery a new lease of life and create a contemporary piece that you’ll be proud to wear and pass on to the next generation.

Book a consultation with our Creative Director here or email consultation@opalminded.com.

Sketch of opal necklace

Lifetime Opal Care Service

Every purchase made at Opal Minded is guaranteed for life and comes with a complimentary lifetime Opal Care Service. This means that you can bring it back to us for servicing and repolishing at any time at no charge to you.

Opal Minded Opal Services

Other Services

We also help with opal jewellery repairs, restorations and redesigns, as well as opal recutting, opal ring resizing, cleaning and repolishing.

With our Creative Director’s deft touch, every grandmother’s prized opal can be reimagined and given a contemporary look ready to be handed down to the next generation.

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