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Australian black opals are coveted for their dark body tone that intensifies their passionate reds, vivid blues and electric greens, not to mention the brightest shades of orange and yellow. While Australian precious opals are rare, Australian black opals are extraordinarily rare and exquisitely beautiful. They have a unique molecular structure that not only makes the opal strong and durable but refracts light in all


Our black opal range encompasses classical oval cabochon-cut opals as well as more unusual free-form gems, some carved by outstanding master gem cutters using traditional techniques and methods. Each exclusive item is designed around the individual gemstone, accentuating its natural and unique characteristics, shape, size, pattern, brightness and play of colour. You can expect that it will continually change and dance catching the light from different angles as the jewel moves.


Just as every opal is individual, so are the styles and shapes of the jewels that showcase them. The gems in our black opal jewellery are set to show off their brilliancy in the best way. We believe that an exceptional black opal deserves a jewel design that will give it justice. While we pay homage to bespoke design traditions, we also often opt for more natural and refined pieces, many – yet not all – accentuated with other precious gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites. Every step you make and tilt of your head results in colours appearing and disappearing from view.


Whether you intention is to express an everlasting love story, or simply indulge yourself with the finest black opal jewellery, a precious black opal ring or pendant will make a statement. From a special dinner with family and friends to red carpet events, and with matching or contrasting black opal earrings, your outfit is complete.

Why We Use Australian Opals

Opals flow in the veins of our founding Director and Outback opal hunter, John Bernard. Born into an opal-mining family, he could not escape his opal destiny. With his wife, Renata Bernard, extending his passion for opals by her love of design, Australian opals are our natural choice, the source of our unique expertise. Yet, it is not our know-how, why we work exclusively with Australian opals. The main reason for our focus is that Australian opals are extraordinarily and irrevocably beautiful and simply addictive.


With the most mesmerising precious gemstones in the world found at our continental doorstep, we are uniquely placed to indulge you in the best Australian opals. Australia’s central desert ranges are perfect geological environment for precious opals and almost 97 percent of the world’s sedimentary opals are found there. We carefully examine and choose opals from all major black opal fields of Australia, including Lightning Ridge, to present a broadest scope of choices for your selection. Periodically, we also have outstandingly rare and magical black opals from our mines in Jundah-Opalville, a location renowned worldwide for the most exquisite opal varieties.


If you are searching for the ultimate Australian opal, it’s time to be Opal Minded and explore our range.