Boulder opal

Boulder opals are strikingly exhilirating, its colour-play often described as electric. A perfect expression of love and individuality.
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Taking millions of years to form, each boulder opal is unique. Some have traces of ironstone rock, which is responsible for one of a kind look. Others have the most electric expression of pure range of colours possible in precious opals. Any bright boulder opal gem carries a guarantee that it is
impossible to find another one like it. Majority of boulder opals are cut freeform to preserve its marvellous arresting colour-play, so they lend themselves easily to defined and definite expressions of individuality and style. All in all, opal jewellery is an ultimate expression of individuality.


Our boulder opal pendants, earrings and rings all have a real meaning, which makes them an excellent anniversary or birthday gift, or a unique engagement ring. Or, alternatively, an expression of your confidence in love and life.

Our Range Of Boulder Opal Jewellery

Every piece of boulder opal jewellery is special, allowing you to own something truly unique and matching your personal style. Whether it is boulder opal pendants or rings, no two pieces are the same.


Boulder opal jewellery is known for its fiery bands and flashes of colour, including red, orange, and gold, as well as green, blue and purple. The vibrancy of the fine boulder opal colour is unforgettable. This birthstone of October is revered for extending healing and restoring energy.


These precious gems can have the same body tone and play-of-colour as black opals and are often set in white, yellow, or rose gold, and sterling silver. Because of their organic natural aesthetics, they also more readily lend themselves to a creative treatment and are designed into fabulously
flamboyant and definitely distinct one-off pieces of opal jewellery.

Why We Use Australian Opal

Australia is the best place to find opals and accounts for 95% of the world’s gem-quality supply. The largest group of that gem-quality opals are white and light opals. Boulder opals and black opals are rare. At Opal Minded, we have their large selection, majority designed into fabulous one-off jewellery pieces, some available unset for new bespoke designs. Boulder opals have a special place in our ethos. Although our founder’s father started his opal mining adventure in Coober Pedy (predominantly light opals), soon he fell in love with the boulder opal variety and moved his family of five to the boulder opal fields of Queensland, where we still continue our founding opal mining tradition.


First discovered in Australia in the 1870s, fine boulder opals possess an unrivalled beauty, which makes them highly desirable, often comparing it favourably to a black opal with a similar colour palette. They are more valuable than other opal types because they are extremely rare and hard
to find. As precious boulder opal in its rough form often comes in a thin and irregular valuable vein nestled in hard ironstone boulders, so it requires significant experience to polish the gem to reveal its brightest beauty and the highest value.


The degree of skill required to deliver the electrifying beauty of Australian boulder opal is rewarded with a high degree of creative freedom these magical gems afford. The quality of each boulder opal piece is assured with our opal expertise by opal practitioners, qualified gemmologists
and registered valuers. In the world of precious gemstones, Australian boulder opals are an ultimate expression of individuality.