Light opal

The natural Australian light opal jewellery is an elegant and effortless choice for a savvy jewellery lover wanting to enjoy a rare gem.
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Our light opal jewellery has a natural Australian opal at its heart with a body tone that varies from colourless, light to near-white. This precious gemstone holds a treasure-trove of colours that seduce in wonderment as the light catches them from different directions. It can dress up any outfit effortlessly, perfectly easy to wear with any other jewellery for special celebrations, fine dining and to business meetings, as well for everyday wear, at the wearer’s discretion.


Australian light opal is an easy all-rounder for any connoisseur of rare gemstone jewellery.

Our Range Of Light Opal Jewellery

Each jewel in our range is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans, according to exceptional designs that are unique to each piece of light opal jewellery. Being inspired by individual opal factors and her breadth of aesthetic interests, our gifted designer, Renata Bernard, uses gold, sterling silver, diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones to create classically elegant jewellery or sophisticated and complex masterpieces like no other.


Our light opal necklaces and earrings are an ideal gift for weddings and anniversaries. Opal is the birthstone of October, so if your loved one has a birthday during this month, then our light opal pendants or rings are something that is bound to bring her good luck forever.


If you are planning a marriage proposal, our light opal rings allow you to show your love and affection through a completely unique piece of jewellery that is like no other. We offer a bespoke engagement ring design service, both in store and online. If we do not have have it, we will find it and make it for you.

Why We Use Australian Opal

Australian precious opals are of the highest quality and rarity opal gems, making them particularly special. They retain their colour and intensity through time, unlike some of their counterparts from other parts of the world. As our aim is to be part of your family history with our unique creation, it is important for us to offer a jewel you can pass on safely to the next generations, should you choose to do so.


Although there are many reasons for the superiority of Australian opals, we work with these wonderful gems is because they are outlandishly beautiful. Each is like a separate universe of colours, shapes and stories. Sourced from the famous opal fields in South Australia, these opals formed over millions of years with environmental conditions creating gemstones that have no equal.


Our opals are carefully chosen from Australian mines in Cooper Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Andamooka, and Mintabie. Some of our most special creations come from our own opal mine in Jundah-Opalville. Here we control every aspect of production, from mining the gems out of the
ground to cutting, polishing, designing and setting. With over half a century of opal experience, we can confidently stand by the quality of our opal jewels. Our gemmologists individually examine each piece of light opal jewellery and the valuers carefully assess its current market value.