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Our opal doublet jewellery offers splendour and vibrancy of Australian fine opals. See a glimpse of our collection below.
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We offer an exclusive selection of opal doublet necklaces and pendants, earrings, and rings. Larger gems of the collection are one off, while more petite styles come in slight variations of styles and colours.


Our opal doublet jewellery is created with the premium quality of fine Australian opal doublets. They are made with a thin layer of precious opal attached with super-strong glue to a layer of either black colourless opal known as “potch” or ironstone. This resulting gem creates the illusion
and characteristics of more expensive black or boulder opals, occasionally also light opals.


It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the appearance of solid opals and doublets. This similarity can easily lead to a case of mistaken identity with significant implications for the value assessment. Opal doublets, especially the finest ones, are a more approachable price, so
more people can enjoy the wonder of fine opal doublet jewellery.

Our Range Of Opal Doublet Jewellery

Our opal doublet jewellery displays excellent play of colour, brightness, clarity, and pattern. While its gems are of very high standard, the prices are considerably lower than for a comparable solid opal gem. The favourable pricing scenario is especially attractive for sizeable vivid opal doublet
pendants and opal doublet earrings in 18K gold and silver, with an occasional line of diamonds to sparkle up the design.


We also carry a large selection of very vibrant petite pendants with wonderful opal characteristics to spoil yourself or a loved one with a splash of magical colour, including deep lustrous blues, bright greens, and shimmering golds and yellows. We also carefully pair opal doublets together to create opal doublet earrings that have similar patterns and colours.


Note that we do provide the life-long opal care service and for that reason we do not make opal doublet rings. They are an alternative to a solid opal offering, however, we would only recommend them for people who are very careful about their jewellery, taking rings off for water contact and while involved in messy tasks. For the majority of the population, they may be a disappointing long-term choice. Since a life-time satisfaction is important to us, we prefer to limit our opal doublet offering to opal doublet pendants, earrings, bracelets and cufflinks, which we carry with confidence afforded by our 50 years of opal experience.

Why We Use Australian Opal

Our handmade opal doublet jewellery is made with only the most colourful Australian opal. Australian opal lends itself better than other origins to producing quality composite opal gems as it is the most robust opal available. It also relies on a history of opal doublet manufacturing
experience that translates into strong know-how and quality. This makes the resulting jewel more wearable to enjoy it on any occasion or special moment.


The precious opal gems in our collection’s opal doublets are sourced from the opal fields of Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge and Jundah-Opalville. Our in-house jewellery designer creates wonderous pieces that make use perfectly of the individual characteristics of each opal.