Pipe opal

Pipe opals are a league of their own. Often tabular in shape, they are a dreamy jewel of a true gem aficionado. See a glimpse of our collection below.  Contact us  for a personalised selection or a bespoke pipe opal jewel designed for you.

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You might have not heard of pipe opals until now because these opals are rarer than the obviously rare Australian black opals. They are mysterious and magical, with roundish shapes that form in a tubular or pipe formation. The opal formed in rocks such as sandstone, ironstone, and petrified wood. When hydrated silica replaced rounded organic matter of tree roots and such, it occasionally formed a pipe opal of superior vibrancy and brightness.


When compared to other types of opals it is obvious that pipe opal jewellery is the brightest of all opal jewels, with individual organic shapes accentuated by sandstone with shades ranging from deep chocolate to golden sand. From pipe opal pendants, rings to earrings, there is
something that will delight women with the finest tastes and style.

Our Range Of Pipe Opal Jewellery

Our pipe opal jewellery is utterly breathtaking, with gems that vary in body tone and the colour palette. There are some that have a creamy – pink tone infused with green, purple or red flashes of colour. There also the ones with impossibly bright “Jundah-blue” purple blue-green play of colour, which glimmers in the dark like no other precious gem can. These bright
“Jundah-blue” gems are our designer’s favourite and once you see one, you will never forget it.


Pipe opal pendants in general have a magical quality that makes them the perfect gift for special occasions and red-carpet events. If you wish to express your love and admiration for someone, our pipe opal jewellery will exceed your expectations.


We have pipe opal rings that make excellent engagement rings. They can be worn every day or reserved for memorable moments. Set into 18ct white, yellow or rose gold, or sterling silver, they may be set to accentuate the obvious remnants natural origins, or they can be crystal-pure and blindingly bright. As with other opals, we set them alone for simplicity and elegance, or may contrast the centre opal with a flare of yellow, green, or pink coloured gemstones.

Why We Use Australian Opal

Australian opals are the most durable, the most varied and the most beautiful of the world opal family. The distinguishing feature of all precious opals is the play of colour, which has their colours shift and change as the gemstone moves. While this may not be the case with the other opal varieties, Australian natural untreated opals never lose their colours or brightness.


We offer opals from all major Australian opal fields, yet the best pipe opals are univocally from our own mines in Jundah-Opalville. They are sourced there ethically and sustainably, with us rejuvenating and reseeding the land with the native flora as we go along. With pipe opals from Jundah-Opalville, we control every part of the process, from mining the opals to cutting and polishing them.


With over fifty years of opal experience, qualified gemmologists, registered valuers and award- winning designers on board, we bring the best out of every opal to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If you are searching for an extremely rare, exclusive, and sought-after ring, necklace, or pendant, then our Australian pipe opals are for you.