White opal

White opal jewellery is the most elegant choice for women with discerning tastes and class. Fall in love with our white opal jewellery, just as we have. See a glimpse of our collection below. Contact us  for a personalised selection or a bespoke white opal jewel designed for you.

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Our white opal jewellery is an excellent choice if you prefer your opals to be more subdued and less strikingly colourful as are the opals with darker body tone and more intense colours. Although white opals may be still extremely vibrant, they are generally an easier pairing with other jewellery, such as diamonds or pearls.


An advantage that white opal jewellery brings is that they may be more affordable, as the majority of Australian opals are of the lighter variety. The price will still depend on their beauty and all-important opal value factors such as its brightness, colours, pattern, clarity, the quality of the play of colour and rarity. In either case, a lighter opal of the same quality will have a more palatable price-tag to blend with a refined taste for rare gemstones.

Our White Opal Jewellery Range

Our bespoke white opal jewellery is the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. White opal necklaces and pendants become keepsakes that are treasured for a lifetime by anyone appreciating their wonderful beauty and rarity.


Australian white opal earrings are particularly loved by women worldwide. They are a phenomenally unique alternative to other more commercially available gemstone jewellery. As they swing and sway, they hypnotise as you move your head or dance the night away. Depending on the vibrancy of their colour play, they could be breathtakingly colourful, or discreetly admirable. Some are opaque, others semi-translucent, their body-tone may vary subtly in hue, yet their precious variety always surprises with the play of colour.


Every white opal is unique in terms of its pattern, dimensions, shape, brightness, clarity, colours and colour play. The range of colours it shows will depend on the angle at which how you look at it. Our gifted designer, Renata Bernard, carefully considers all the characteristics of each gemstone before crafting them into jewellery, deciding on whether a gem will perform best as a ring or a pendant. Whichever opal jewel you
chose, you can expect that your expectations will be exceeded by an exclusive piece of jewellery whose rare gem sets it apart from all the others.

Why We Use Australian Opal

Australian opals have a molecular structure that makes them more durable than the high-porosity hydrophane opals that come out of mines in Ethiopia, for example. Forged in the harsh and inhospitable nature of the Australian outback environment over millions of years, these stunning gemstones have no equal and they are right at our Australian doorsteps.


We have deep knowledge of Australian opals, stemming over half a century of opal mining experience and gemological and valuing expertise. The range of white opals at our disposal come from all the main opal fields, including Coober Pedy and Andamooka, as well as our own mines in Jundah-Opalville. Yet, the truth of the matter is that we use Australian opals because we know of no other gemstone of comparable beauty.
Australian opals are simply the best.


Whether they shine with every colour of the rainbow or smoulder with a single fully-saturated hue, Opal Minded is ready to impress you with a precious white gemstone that is beautiful and gentle.