Opals: an impeccable gift for October celebrations

2020 Oct, 01
Opal Minded opal jewellery gold boulder opal necklace copy

Opal jewellery is perfect for those celebrating a birthday this month. As unique as the person who wears it, the opal is the official birthstone for October and the most coveted of all.

Representing happiness, hope, faithfulness and confidence, the opal was the most highly prized stone in the Roman Empire and has been worn throughout the centuries by royalty and aristocrats alike.

The opal is steeped in mythology from ancient Greece to India and everywhere in between. Our favourite story comes from the Australian Dreamtime, where Aboriginal tribes celebrated the opal’s kaleidoscopic fire and believed it to be the creator’s footprint that touched the earth at the base of a rainbow to bring harmony. We love this story!

Whether a gift to welcome a newborn baby, a birthday present for that special someone, or something to mark an October anniversary; a distinct opal piece from Opal Minded is sure to delight for many years to come.

Let us help you select that perfect opal piece. Opal Minded now offers free shipping so its one-of-a-kind opal jewellery can be enjoyed happily around the world. To chose the perfect opal piece contact our opal concierge at online@opalminded.com

Fall in love with our opals.
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