Mining opals

Where We Mine Opals

Jundah-Opalville is the site where the first black opals were found in Australia, and the site of the largest fine boulder opal ever unearthed.

Situated 250 kilometres south-west of Longreach (and the nearest commercial airport), the desolate town of Jundah has a population of roughly 100 and boasts two (closed) churches and one (working) pub. The name “Jundah” comes from the local Kuungkari people and means “a woman.”

Jundah Opalville

The town mascot, “Jundah Joe” (aka Silky Joe), is a character inspired by Josip Grguranic, who in 1989 unearthed the largest ever fine boulder opal named “Galaxy”. Famous for its size (2765ct) and outstanding colour play, “Galaxy” is now valued at around US$2 million.

Our mining camp is located 45 kilometres from the Jundah township. The Australian outback is a harsh and unforgiving environment where the heat is enough to annihilate the spirit along with anything meltable. Yet we love it. This is where we live off the grid and fall asleep counting the stars.

Our Opal Minded team are no strangers to our Jundah-Opalville mines and can be relied on to relay their stories of sweltering temperatures, insufferable red dust, exotic wildlife and the vastness of a land as inhospitable as it is beautiful.

Opal Minded Miners Living Quarters

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