Why Opal Jewellery Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

2021 Apr, 13
Opal Minded Why Opal Jewellery Is The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (9th May 2021), it will soon be time to celebrate the bond with your mother, and thank her for the love and life she gave you with the Mother’s Day opal jewellery. The possibilities of expressing your gratitude are endless, yet, the most lasting impression will be invariably left by a gift of unique jewellery, a one-of-a-kind piece that expresses how extraordinary and unique your Mum’s gift of life is to you.

Virtually each cultural and religious tradition known, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or other, calls for special treatment of our mothers. In America, the tradition of Mother’s Day stretches to the end of the 19th century, when Ward Howe campaigned to recognise mothers and their peaceful contribution to the world’s history. In Australia, the tradition of Mother’s Day was inspired by Janet Hayden, a Sydney local who wanted to honour lonely and forgotten mothers. Promoting peace and support for women, Mother’s Day eventually became an occasion for family reunions, with universal appeal as it transitioned into a day for recognising all women.

Whatever the tradition, the formal Mother’s Day poses a convenient reason to present your Mum with a gift she will never forget and will be able to carry off proudly reminding her always how much you love her.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day gift ideas, it is the sentiment that is most important. However, if you are searching for Mother’s Day gifts with deep meaning that will be treasured forever, then Australian opal jewellery makes the perfect gesture. After all, only in Australia are the world’s highest quality, and rarest opals found. At Opal Minded, we specialise in unique, one-of-a-kind and bespoke pieces with Australian precious opals at their centre, many from our own opal mines and all designed by our in-house designer, gemmologist and valuer, Dr Renata Bernard.


Opal Pendants

Our journey looking at Mother’s Day gifts begins with opal pendants:

CarmenLove is a rebellious bird: A pendant with an opal doublet (13.04ct) that displays a beautiful play of colours with a blend of greens, yellows, and reds on top of an ocean of deep vibrant blue. This Mother’s Day pendant features two 18K yellow gold hanging arches trimmed with diamonds (0.211ct) to create an equally joyous and exuberant piece.

CleopatraMusic for us that trade in love: This black opal (11.91ct) pendant recognises the most powerful woman of all history. The Egyptian queen, known for her legendary love affair with Roman general and statesman Mark Antony, brings inspiration to this piece and conjures images of mysterious sarcophaguses and ancient scriptures. This Lightning Ridge opal is a wonderment of greens and blues, suspended from a delicate chain of 18K white gold, with a pyramid of diamonds (0.19ct) bridging the gap between chain and pendant.


Mother’s Day Opal Rings

Next, we highlight opal rings that make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts:

Forever TogetherWe can be together all the time: The loving bond with your mother can never be broken, and this ring celebrates that sentiment with a spellbinding combination of black opal (1.57ct) from Lightning Ridge, with its flashes of fiery reds and yellows, and 18K yellow gold.

SerendipityThe past is always tense, the future perfect: This opal ring is a hallmark of elegance with a stunning boulder opal (0.83ct) found in a Winton opal field, clasped in 18K pure white gold.


Mother’s Day Opal Earrings

Earrings have always made superb Mother’s Day gifts:

Angel Of The WatersThe angels are nearer than you think: A mesmerising colour-play is shown off here with a blue-green boulder opals (4.19ct) from Winton. This elegant piece of jewellery encompasses a white and yellow gold chalice to create a look that any sophisticated urbanite will appreciate, especially if her heart was touched by the spirit of New York. The matching pendant also available.

Sea ChangeAnd I was glad that in the shade she could not discern a tide: With echoes of the deep blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef, boulder matrix opals (25.89ct) caressed by the waves of 18K white gold and diamonds (0.105ct). Worn anywhere and for any occasion, these precious opals were delivered by our own opal mine in Judah-Opalville.


Mother’s Day Opal Bracelets

Our range of Mother’s Day gifts wouldn’t be complete with an opal bracelet:

VorfreudeIn front of joy: This is a cuff bracelet with a boulder opal (0.73ct) characterised by an intensive blue and brown natural gemstone. The bold use of sterling silver makes this bracelet perfect for a confident mother and makes a stylish addition to any outfit.


Australian Opal jewellery is unquestionably the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The small selection of pieces in this blog is only a tiny proportion of you could find for your Mum at Opal Minded. Our collections encompasses opal rings, opal pendants and earrings in all sizes, colours and of assured quality.

What we do not have, and you can imagine, we can make with an opal from our vast selection of unset opal gems. For a curated selection of one-of-a-kind precious opal pieces or unset opal gems to your specifications, contact us at consultation@opalminded.com.
Our gemmologists and designer will get back to you to start the journey your Mother will never forget.

Fall in love with our opals.
We will take care of the rest.


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