Why Should I Choose An Australian Opal Engagement Ring?

2021 Mar, 08
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Choosing or designing the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge. However, your loved one deserves the time it takes to consider the crucial points, ponder upon what symbolism you would like for it to represent, and find a match that is as relevant as the gesture you are about to make and the promise of an everlasting union. Here we take a look at the value – symbolic and material – an opal engagement ring brings to a relationship, from why you should choose an Australian opal engagement ring, why a documented history is essential, to how we can make her engagement opal ring she will be proud to wear for many years to come.

Opals symbolise loyalty in everlasting love, as well as hope and wisdom to see what is true and fine. Apart from that ages-long symbolism which comes to opals naturally, there are several advantages to choosing an Australian opal engagement ring:

  • Unique by nature: Each opal is unique, with different levels of vibrancy and blends of colour. Your opal engagement ring will be one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate precisely. Due to their dynamic nature, each gem is different, even when they are cut from the same rough gem material.
  • Rare and elusive: High-quality opals are extremely rare, and your betrothed is unlikely to ever cross paths with another opal engagement ring wearer. Precious opals present an opportunity to wear something that is exclusive and different from the typical diamond gems used in standard engagement rings.
  • Precious yet strong: Australian opals are the most robust of all premium quality opals, from the precious opal family tree. Formed over millions of years in Cretaceous rocks, Australian opals are sedimentary stones, making them the hardest and most durable examples. Natural boulder opals are the hardest wearing, with a natural ironstone backing.

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Opal Minded Opal Engagement Ring?

There are many reasons to choose Opal Minded for your opal engagement ring:

  • Origin stories give depth and meaning: When you know where your opal gem comes from, down to the opal minefield, your story becomes captivating, and bonds are strengthened.
  • Hand-picked from our Jundah-Opalville mines: Opal Minded gems from our mines are documented from the statemnet of the geographical location, to who mined the gem, and when.
  • An ethical choice: Our opals are sustainably sourced in our mines in Jundah-Opalville, Queensland. Our opals are mined in the harmony with nature and the Australian Outback.
  • Bespoke or off the shelf, but always unique: Depending on how impactful and extravagant a gesture you intend to make, you can choose an off-the-shelf piece or commission a bespoke opal engagement ring. Our off-the-shelf opal engagement rings are complete one-offs displaying a fantastic union of colours. However, we can also make opal rings to order, with a concept developed in partnership and refined by our award-winning Creative Director Renata Bernard.
  • A genuine opal is a documented opal: Our bespoke Australian opal rings come with a recorded history, from the moment the gem is pulled from the ground to the moment it takes life as a finished piece. We can provide a Certificate of Authenticity, which is a wonderful keepsake and a useful provenance document for future family generations.
  • Saying yes around the world: Recognised as an authority on opal jewellery, we have created bespoke rings for people around the world, with some happy stories documented on our social media.
  • A life-long relationship: Our opal engagement rings are provided with a one-year workmanship guarantee and lifetime ring servicing.
  • A promise entangled forever: We are able to add a wedding ring around the opal engagement ring, coupling the two together for all time.
  • Home and away: For Australians, the opal is the national gemstone; for people overseas, it is a gem obtained from a romanticised and far-away land.
  • Professionally valued: Our certified (GIA and GAA) gemologist and registered (NCJV) valuer expertly value the opal engagement rings based on the opal’s beauty, size, and rarity. The highest valued and most-treasured include dark-bodied opals with vibrant colours, discovered from Lightning Ridge or Queensland. A pairing with other precious gemstones like sparkling diamonds and 18 karat gold or silver also affects the valuation.
  • Peace of mind: Our valuation service is available for opal engagement rings and other opal jewellery. The Certificate of Valuation is a legal document stating the retail replacement value, which can be used to obtain a jewellery insurance policy.

Knowing how special it is to propose, our service guarantee is to take care of you throughout the process so you can focus on creating the perfect moment, while we take care of the perfect opal engagement ring, perfectly sized and accompanied by anything you can think of to add to the excitement of the moment.

If you are in the mood for love, don’t hesitate to ask someone to be yours with a one-of-a-kind Australian opal engagement ring. She will love it forever.

Fall in love with our opals.
We will take care of the rest.


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